1. P.R.E.S.S.
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    Jan 27, 2016
    Aggregated from The Threestar Chronicle

    Hylotl Traditionalists. Friend or foe?
    We have all heard the shocking clash of blades between Hylotl’s and florans. The newly-arrived Hylotl samurai have already set up their fort outside Snowquill, and now roam freely across town with their armor and blades in tow as an influx of new recruits arrive at their gates. An exclusive interview with one of their members, a Hylotl female named Hana, was established.

    "Could you tell me the name of the Hylotl clan?"
    -"The Hoshimakura clan"
    "What made you join?"
    -"I wanted to protect people...
  2. CNNC
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    Jan 25, 2016
    Article by Marcus Ramses
    Published officially by Cygnus Networking and Newscasting Corporation

    Following a major attack against the Floran populace on the well-renowned resort colony, 'Snowquill', the group of Hylotls that call themselves the 'Hoshimakura Clan' have recently released a public statement, as well as a video that informs viewers of their official declaration of war against "...the savages that raped and pillaged our homelands, slaughtering millions of innocents for sport." Of course, it is no secret that the individuals referred to in this excerpt from the video are...
  3. Interstellar News Network
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    Jan 24, 2016

    Interstellar News Network: LIVE: War erupts on Snowquill between Hylotl traditionalists and Floran apologists
    Brought to you by Joseph Shitler


    "This is reporter Joseph Shitler, live from Snowquill in the Orion Spur, where a brawl has broken out between a group of Hylotl samurai and the Floran. Is this another step in the Hylotl-Floran war?"

    "It is absolute chaos, as swords and spears go flying left and right! This live footage is brought to you by the Interstellar News Network, your number...
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    Jan 13, 2016
    Aggregated from Arcturus News

    Butter knife attack on Saiph's Landing
    Three human males violently assaulted a Floran earlier today on Saiph's Landing using a butter knife, allegedly with intent to cause mortal harm to "claim a bounty". The unprovoked attack was quickly neutralized by Saiph's Landing Security officers. Reports indicate that the Floran was only slightly harmed. Saiph's Landing Administration has refused to comment when contacted by Arcturus News.
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    Jan 12, 2016
    Aggregated from the New Dawn Journal, Muling Nebula, Norma Arm

    Miniknog exterminate Agaran infestation on Helifox IV
    The Miniknog's Ministry of Defence has officially acknowledged that it has identified and neutralized an Agaran infestation on Helifox IV. As part of the Miniknog's controversial campaign to eradicate the Agaran threat, Ministry of Defence warships launched radiation warheads at the newly discovered garden world. Military officials have reported that at least 99.997% of Agaran lifeforms had been eliminated by the orbital salvos, and that the world would be put...
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    Dec 29, 2015
    Aggregated from Arcturus News

    Saiph's Landing administration announce new shopping plaza
    A 45px million development of a new shopping plaza is expected to increase thoroughfare and profit on the retrofitted civilian wing of the Saiph's Landing USCM battlestation.

    While the release date is unannounced, Saiph's Landing administration have indicated that the new station section will include at least departments from three major retailers. New elevators have been installed, and the additional section will include a motel for weary star travellers, new seating areas, and at...
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    Dec 25, 2015
    Recently we've discovered that some of the emails sent out by the Xenforo forum software have been blocked by certain email hosts like Hotmail, leading to accounts not being able to be verified.

    We have fixed this by routing our emails through Amazon SES, so if you have had issues creating forum accounts, please try again.
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    Dec 22, 2015
    Recently the staff have become aware that a number of individuals have gone out of their way to make Orion's Edge an unpleasant place for community members by harassing them, and that as staff we have not been vigilant and proactive enough in preventing this.

    Insulting players, including thinly veiled out-of-character harassment disguised as roleplay, is unacceptable behavior and will be punished accordingly. This activity is toxic, harming both the victims of harassment and the community as a whole, and staff will no longer give the benefit of the doubt and wait for user reports that...
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    Dec 16, 2015
    Aggregated from Arcturus News

    Terrorist attack closes Pinewood Falls, four police murdered

    Pinewood Falls closes its borders to tourists after a devastating terrorist attack with high powered weapons resulted in the death of four police officers. While the mayor of Pinewood Falls, Chancey Bowen, is remaining tight lipped about the nature of the attack, sources have indicated that two masked assailants have been identified.

    In the days immediately after the attack, Shining Horizons security have closed the borders of Pinewood Falls, removed non-residents from the tourist...
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    Dec 3, 2015
    The server has been updated with the following features:
    • Worlds can now have descriptions that explain its setting and/or rules. Entering a world with a description set (such as Saiph's Landing) will send a message the entering player.
      If you want a world registered or a description modified, please use Staff Contact.
    • Monster spawning and dungeon generation have been enabled. If you need monster spawns disabled for a world, please contact a staff member (they can use the /disableSpawning command).
      Do not roleplay wiping out entire USCM bunkers or Miniknog labs. We'll disable...